CBD and Public Speaking

CBD is my go-to in avoiding “shake-voice” when I have to stand up and speak in front of a group of people. There’s a reason that public-speaking is the most common fear, known as Glossophobia. When you take CBD as-needed for these events in the form of a gummy, vape, gum or tincture, the relaxing calm can replace the looming dread that intensifies during the moments before your big moment. I have many customers who can testify that they began taking CBD in hopes of replacing that benzo when it’s time to stand up in front of a court room, company meeting, or even parent orientation. Don’t get me wrong, the daily regimen is still key in hopefully preventing that anxiety from even manifesting in the first place but some occasions are extra stressful and a little extra help is warranted. Are you ever thrust into the spotlight? Maybe we have what you need to prepare you for your next big moment!

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